Champions League changes in Layman terms:

Not to dampen the mood with UCL and all, but enjoy the current format now because in 2 years it could be irreversibly changed. The biggest worry for fans is how UEFA ‘evolved’ their weighting system. From 2018/19 season onwards, historical weighting will be taken into account when calculating coefficients. In Layman terms, teams who’ve won it before are weighted higher than newbies. Let’s make it even harder for new/lower-ranked league teams to break into the UCL. Yaaay.

But why? It’s UEFA so it must be about…

Money. I didn’t leave out Basel vs Ludogrets and Porto vs Copenhagen (on my SFF post pls read thanks) because I have a vendetta against Liga Nos. On the whole, people want to watch the elite: Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United (not even in UCL but whatevs) etc. So UEFA makes it easier for the elite clubs to play, more people watch, more profits. Either that or it’s just one big coincidence.

One thought on “Champions League changes in Layman terms:

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