The most entertaining football teams statistically ranked

If I told you that you have to spend the next 90 minutes watching a game of football and you get three options, which would you choose?

Option 1: the final scoreline is 0-0

Option 2: the final scoreline is 1-1

Option 3: the final scoreline is 3-4

This is the only information you receive. Chances are you are going to pick the game with most goals.

I understand that people don’t watch games just for the goals, you invest a lot of time (or even a lifetime) into the team you support through thick or thin. There is also the significance of a game. For example, an El Clasico you can watch even if it ends low scoring because it has great teams who are top of the table and has a rich history and rivalry behind it. But when it comes to watching [insert mediocre team] vs [insert even worse team] in a preseason friendly and it’s 60 minutes in with one shot on target, I would be struggling to keep my eyes open.

Having said all that, we love goals. Just look at the top 10 football matches of all time, listed by the Telegraph. Taking those matches, the average game has 6.5 goals.

So here is a table showing the top 30 teams in the top 5 European leagues: Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Calcio A, Ligue 1.

Except instead of a points total, they are arranged in order of the most goals scored in a game involving them. So having a great attack can get you just as high on this list as an awful defence, as it measures the goals per game regardless of which team scored.

Just purely on a goals basis.


Red – Premier League

Yellow – La Liga

Magenta – Bundesliga

Green – Calcio A

Cyan – Ligue 1


Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 11.27.19.png


Any teams look out of place?

For sure when I started compiling these stats I was shocked to realise that Cagliari would be so high up in 2nd place. After Barcelona, it all seems so random. Just as unexpected for me is how Manchester City and Arsenal are lower than I expected in 16th and 17th place.

The most common league teams in the table are La Liga (10 teams) followed by Premier League (8 teams), Calcio A (5 teams), Bundesliga (4 teams) then Ligue 1 (3 teams).

So hopefully those stats give you an insight into what teams you can watch and expect to see a high scoring game.


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