Scouting for Fixtures: Sep 04 – Sep 10

Scouting for fixtures is a weekly blog for people who love the beautiful game. As well as seeking out the most entertaining games, each preview weaves the clubs into a greater football narrative. Each article is a selection of hand picked upcoming matches worldwide that week, which looks set for 90 minutes of non-stop action. 

Guy chatting absolutely anything in a desperate attempt to keep the reader’s attention in this football-esque blog. I also do football previews, kinda… 

All times are GMT.

Columbia vs Brazil ( Tue 05 21:30 )

The WC qualifications seem to fly in the face of anything fun or happy or exciting or worthwhile in football or anything, ever. I truly despise what it stands for. So with my clearly unbiased critique, I have to say this is the best of a bad bunch. From the table below, you see that Brazil have their WC spot almost secure. Columbia, however, teeters on the edge of a 4, or potentially 6 place drop with only 4 games left.

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 14.03.23.png

Unlike most WC qualifications, this game has some semblance to what is missing from these types of games – apart from the aforementioned fun, happiness, excitement or worthwhile time – and that is pressure. With 4 qualifying spots and a 5th place knockout round, Colombia is just 2 points away from not making it to Russia 2018. Rich footballing nations like Colombia and Brazil wear their pride on their sleeve, and previous encounters suggest the furthest thing from your average WC qualification game.

Manchester City vs Liverpool ( Sat 09 12:30 )

With Liverpool residing in 2nd place and Manchester City in 4th, both seem to be exactly where they should be according to recent history. But look a bit closer, you’ll find Huddersfield in 3rd place, West Brom in 5th, Tottenham 9th and Arsenal 16th. So clearly the standings are the furthest thing from a reliable barometer, with only 3 games played.




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